The Twisted Braid Hairstyles In Africa

The braid comes in a twisted version. Adopted by stars and spotted on catwalks, it can be worn sophisticated, wise, falsely neglected or downright wild.

How to make a twisted braid

  • Make a stripe in the middle or on the side and make a ponytail.
  • Separate it into two strands, then wrap each wick on itself in a clockwise direction while squeezing tightly. At the same time, twist the two strands counterclockwise.
  • Hold with an elastic band.

The Bohemian Twisted Braid 

For this braid to be great, it must be done on hair washed the day before. It is also possible to texturize them with hair wax.

  • Draw you hair back on one shoulder by drawing a line on the side.
  • Take two small strands before twisting and crossing them. Increase length by adding, at each crossing of strands, a small lock to the braid.
  • Once the ear is clear, the lengths are divided into two equal sections.
  • Twist each of the strands apart, then embrace one around the other by tightening well.
  • Keep the braid twisted with an elastic, and voila.