Black Hairstyles (African American)

And here we go again with another category that I’d like to dive into and provide as much useful ideas and information as possible. It’s about hair styles and in this particular post I’ll be focusing on the black women styles that are getting so much increase in popularity in the recent years. I think that in a big portion it’s thanks to the rise of the hip hop artists and their video clips that have these beautiful wearing this style. It’s no secret that the major influence of the hip hop or Latin music comes from the African rhythms. That’s why no wonder that black hairstyles prevail so much on the dancers of so many of these video clips. For me personally, I have to say that it’s a great passion to dance to the hip hop and Latin rhythms since I was a child. This whole culture is very close to me in general and it’s where I feel at home. As you can imagine there’s so many hairstyles that I could show in this post, but I chose 3 that I really like and are very typical on a modern African american woman.