Original Eye Makeup

The eyes are an essential part of the face. It is thanks to them that we attract the attention of others. The makeup of the eyes is an important moment that can be successful even by beginners as long as they know some tricks.

The choice of colors: an essential step!

Depending on the shade of your iris, some colors will be better able to enhance your eyes. Here is a small summary of what you can wear as eye shadow, mascara or eyeliner depending on the color of your eyes.

If you are lucky enough to have green eyes, then your mesmerizing look will be magnified by colors in purple, lilac, purple or plum tones. You can also opt for brown or gray tones. Avoid green, blue or pink tones that will not highlight the beautiful sparkling color of your eyes. For your mascara or eyeliner, go for brown tones.

Women with blue eyes must choose warm colors. The variations of orange tones will delight you as well as bronze, brown, taupe, gray. Dark colors also showcase your hypnotic look, which is why smoky eye make-up suits you so well. It is also better to ban light colors which will not illuminate the color of your eyes. For mascara and eyeliner, you can choose both brown and black tones.