Best Wedding Haircuts For A Rock Girl

In short, each desire and each hair is degraded. To avoid procrastinating before going under the scissors of the hairdresser, here are 20 inspirations for beautiful degraded hair!

On a long mermaid’s hair, shorter locks that start from the jaws frame the jawline and highlight the face while redefining the overall cut.

The gradient short, for a rock look

Sexy wish, revealing the neck, the short gradient havoc. On a short square, a degraded cut gives a look as chic as button. The proof with Emma Stone below!


For a more rock look, or to give volume to fine hair, we choose an asymmetrical short gradient. For those who dare the short cut, a tapered gradient gives you a look that is as rebellious as feminine while avoiding the dreaded headphone effect.

Gradient with fringe, for a bohemian look

To change your head without taking too much risk, the best solution is to opt for a gradient with fringe. Fused in a long gradient as well as in a short gradient, the bangs bring an irresistible bohemian touch. Get inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s gradient with curtain fringe, or try out the gradient with XXL fringe.