The Right Cut For Long Hairstyles

Smooth or curly, wavy or degraded, long hair is always popular. A real asset for seduction, they turn us into mermaids of modern times.

Let your imagination run wild!

But choosing the right cut for long hair is not so simple! Often formless, heavy and difficult to maintain, they can prove to be a real ordeal. Still, long hair is a good base to indulge in all its eccentricities. Horse tail, bun up or down, simple braid or spike, half-tail, braided crown, …

Do you prefer to wear long hair?

You can do the side cut too, we can afford a lot of things: long hair gradient, a fringe more or less short. We can also have fun with the colors: a simple sweep to brighten, a tie and dye for coloring fun. The only goal is to make your long mane sublime.

Braids always have the same cut; they are plated or threaded with wool. Let’s not forget the buns that come in a thousand and one ways. The loops are also part of the game, whether natural or cleverly worked in. If you want to opt for a square, the shoulder length is very trendy.