Braids: One of The Best African Hairstyles

Braids are made with capillary additions to give more length and material to your hair. Feel free to choose extensions slightly lighter than your hair to create a nice contrast.

Trends That Make me Go “Hell Yeahhhh!”:

  • Ethnic braid; dreadlocks that are tied in a high ponytail or bun. I love those of Aissa Maga.
  • Box braids; those graphic braids, which give an elegant side to the hair. They allow you to add fasteners but can also be detached.
  • The very long African braids that highlight the features of the face and the wearing of head.

Some Tips to Showcase Your Hairstyles

Texturize your hair with a nourishing  styling cream without rinsing. It can also be shea butter or coconut oil. Your loops will be more manageable and more defined. This styling is ideal for those who want to make their hair curl naturally. As you can see below:

Play with sweeping technique to give relief and dimension to your haircut. Place honey and golden locks on the lengths and finish properly around the contours of the face to boost the radiance of your complexion.

Beauty is certainly no walk in the park. But it’s well worth it.

See you next time for more tips.