Korean Clothes – A Booming Market

This desire to have the same style of dress as the different stars of Kpop is expressed more visibly, among the wealthy classes of different countries in Asia, who have their eyes riveted on Korea. Indeed, one can take the example of the Korean actress Jun Ji-Hyun, heroine of the drama “My Love From The Star,” who wore a pair of €560 Jimmy Choo  shoes during the series, which were sold by the thousands throughout Asia – and especially in China where the actress is very popular.

In recent years, Luxury brands have been sniffing the vein since they realized that the dynamics of the Asian market had evolved. Formerly, to attract this market it was necessary to organize events in Tokyo, Hong-Kong or Singapore while nowadays, what is popular in South Korea is quickly becoming popular throughout Asia.


Luxury brands are investing in the Korean peninsula, and in October 2014, the LVMH group is joined YG Entertainment through its investment fund, L Capital Asia. Other examples include the Chanel Croisière fashion show held in Seoul in 2016 and the opening of a 6-storey store by Christian Dior in Gangnam, the largest in Asia.