Sorry Board Game Rules

Hahaha, this game is just hilarious. I so much loved playing it in my childhood with friends and family. Actually, I didn’t play it for years up until just a week ago when my aunt came for a visit. The rules are really simple but the fun that comes with this game doesn’t suffer by it. The main twist and point of the game is even simpler – you just have the ability to come on the same spot as your opponent and thus cause him to return home – that’s exactly the moment to say the name of the game: Sorry! 🙂 It doesn’t seem much but having your figure obliged to return home just one step from the destination can sometimes get you really angry haha. In the Czech language, the game is actually called: Člověče, nezlob se! which means in English (in literal translation): Dude, don’t be angry! So, yes great game but if you can get angry a lot for little things, you might need to avoid playing this game haha.

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Sorry Rules