Backgammon Board Game Set

To be honest I always knew this game, but I didn’t know that Backgammon is actually its name. I have played it a few times with friends but it has been a really long time ago. It is actually a very popular game all over the world and most people think it comes from the ancient Mesopotamia at 3,000 B.C. which means that this game is around 5,000 year old, WOW! It’s truly one of the oldest games in the history of mankind and deserves a lot of respect. I’d like to see how the game looked like back then..was it wooden? Well, probably yes I’m sure that plastic was nowhere around :-). It’s only in this age that practically everything you buy is made of some kind of plastic (and there’s a lot of them) or at least partially plastic. Real nature materials are now almost like precious metals and normally things that are made of the real wood or leather tend to be really expensive. Speaking of leather, this game actually comes in leather styles – not sure if it’s the REAL leather, but at least they try to make it more natural. Actually, with this high world demand, it’s better when things are not from the real leather as this way can save some animals and the nature.

Where to buy

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Backgammon rules and objectives in action