Clue Master Detective Board Game

As you have probably guessed from the title already, Clue is a very good game for people loving detective stories or detective TV series. This piece of board gamer collections was first released in 1988 by Parker Brothers and ever since spread all around the world and attracted a huge number of fans. Now you can try it out for yourself how it is like to be a detective – well at least theoretically and in the comfort of your home. But still you get to experience the great feeling of tracking clues and getting closer and closer to solve the puzzle of crime, which can get mostly so complicated.  I personally don’t really like all these detective things, especially the today’s so popular TV series. Basically if you turn on the TV nowadays in the prime time – you know sometime around the main television evening hours, you can be almost sure that you land either on an advertisement, or some kind of a detective series. I don’t really understand its ever increasing popularity and to my surprise practically everyone I meet more-less likes and watches them on regular basis – this is the time when I realize that there probably is a reason why there’s so many of them as people simply like to watch this stuff. I mean, their not right off bad, it’s just that I prefer movies.

Where To Buy

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Clue Board Game Rules