Go Board Game Rules

The exact origin and time of the game Go is debatable but one thing is certainly very clear. I is a very old game that has been around more than 3 thousand years ago. It comes from the area of China and later spread to Korea and Japan. From the point of importance and culture, this game has always been more than just a pure activity to take care of the free time. Especially in the past, it had a very deep significance that actually very few people can understand in this age. When it comes to the actual play, it is considered to be one of the most, if not the most difficult board game in history. The measurement of difficulty in this case is taken especially based on the fact that to be able to be the best – meaning to beat a grand master, you need to have been playing this game for many years to develop the skill needed to find your way to victory over him. Just one note more – I’ve recently heard that there actually have been a computer that finally was able to beat a grandmaster of this game, which means a huge and proven progress of the artificial intelligence.

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Go Rules