The Game Of Life Board Game Rules

Generally, when people are referring to this game they just call it Life but to make sure that we are on the same page I’ll call it the more complicated name. It’s funny how generic this word is yet in reality you actually don’t have a problem to find it in google just by entering life game, etc. Maybe there’s not too much of games that have Life in their title. OR, is it that this game is soo good? Let’s see. Well, actually that truly can be one of the bigger reasons as from what it’s known, this is considered the first parlour game that got very popular in the United States. And what are those parlour games? A parlour game is typically a competitive group indoor game, initially mostly played in a parlour. The first appearance of the Game of Life was practically already in the late 19th century, but of course as you can imagine, throughout this long period of time it had some updates – around 5. I think that I won’t really make you a surprise of the year if I tell you that in the game you’ll basically have an experience of living a life and cope with some of the most typical and necessary parts of the normal everyday life. For more details it’s best to just watch the video below.

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Life Game Rules