Settlers of Catan Board Game Rules

Settlers of Catan or just Catan (as most people like to call like – obviously to make their lives easier) is a multiplayer board game designed by Klaus Teuber. The first time you could play it was just around the year 1995 in Germany. It’s basically a game where you build colonies on the island called Catan. Your mission is to build all the necessary things that a typical and functional cities need such as roads, houses, etc. It’s the type of game that will strengthen your sense of thinking for the good of others while trying to basically develop your settlements to the best level per your resources and time. Although I don’t specifically play this type of games, I can imagine that it could be fun to play at least from time to time with friends. The winner is basically the player who manages to develop cities and roads the fastest way.

Where To Buy

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Settlers of Catan Rules