Risk Board Game Rules

This is a new game for me as I haven’t heart about it before so I was glad that I could find out about it and could dig deeper into this widely popular war game. In contrary to the previous games that I have reviewed on this site, Risk is actually a pretty new game. It was invented in the early 1950’s by Albert Lamorisse who was a famous director of movies back then. Since then it evolved a little bit till if finally got in its current form. What I love about this game is that it trains your ability to make the right decisions on the war field and you get to develop and test your strategic thinking. You really need to concentrate and think out of the box to make the most logical or sometimes crazy moves – in a game where the enemies are of a similar strength, the whole point is to actually surprise your opponents and gain an advantage this way. Which leads me to a conclusion that by playing this game you will certainly develop a sneaky way of thinking if played on regular basis.

Where To Buy

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Risk Rules