Agricola Board Game Rules

The first time you could play this game was around the year 2007. To tell you something about it’s objective, it’s pretty straight forward. I would say that especially people from living outside of the bigger cities, maybe some villages or farms will have a big advantage if you play against them (and if you’re not from similar areas). It’s main focus is to grow farms and households in these places. You’ll need to take care of everything that is typical here such as wood, animals, resources, plants – the agriculture in general – hence the name of the game – Agricola which is actually a Spanish adjective for the English word agricultural. Although, if we wanted to be super-correct – it misses the accent mark (í) – the Spanish word is in reality agrícola. It’s actually a pretty extensive game with a lot of cards, figures, etc. as you can nicely see in the video below.

Where To Buy

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Agricola Rules