Draughts (Checkers) Board Game Rules

WOW, this is actually one of my favorite games and I think that needs seriously no long talking. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t play this game – that’s how popular it got since it first behold the sun more then 5 thousand years ago. Checkers, or something very similar to this game was played practically in every culture and corner of the world. It’s very simple game, you can learn the rules immediately – actually there’s almost nothing to learn really when it comes to the instructions. However, you can have the space to apply your strategic and tactic thinking here more than in many more complex games. And that’s exactly what I love about it – I really believe that things should be simple yet profound in their nature. This way you can dedicate all your brain power to the most important and interesting thing – strategy and tactic. There’s no need for complexity to experience a lot of fun in a game. Although it’s been a lot of years I haven’t played it, I really enjoyed it when I was a kid – I considered it together with Chess the best board games ever!

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Checkers Rules