My Favorite Women Fashion Styles

My first post in a new category dedicated to women’s fashion so let’s dive right into it. When we’re talking about fashion it’s actually such a big and popular subject that I find it a little bit hard to decide where to start. I’ll just say right away that I’m not really a big fan of all those weird, extreme and crazy looks that come out all the time and that noone is going to wear them anyway. I know that it’s more-less supposed to by like that, but anyway I don’t even like to watch at these clothes on the mall – to me it’s simply not interesting. Buy, hey that’s just my opinion of course – everybody is different. I like new styles and changes in everything as it avoids getting bored of that particular area. In women’s fashion I like clothes that are original and can be a little bit crazy but the most important thing to me is that the clothes have always have one principal thing implemented – and that is that the clothes should always make the woman look like a women and just emphasize her beauty in different ways.