African Fashion – Designing Africa

While Nigeria or Angola seem to focus on the luxury industry, Kenya creates a market for all. “Mitumba” is an example of this market for everyone. It is a second-hand clothing trade that has become a gold mine for the country.

The industry is growing with the influence of Instagram and bloggers like Nancy Mwai, This Is Ess or Lucy Musau. Kenyan TV producer and presenter Diana Opoti understood this interest and created “Designing Africa”, a show about the growth of the fashion industry in Africa. It is now broadcast in 42 countries.

The country continues to develop its textile industry which, before the arrival of Ethiopia on the market, has long remained one of the most important in East Africa. Several Kenyan designers have managed to gain international recognition like Erin Beatty, creator of the Suno women’s brand.

We can not speak of the impact of fashion on the African economy without mentioning South Africa, its Fashion Weeks and specialized sites, Ghana and key creators like Christie Brown, Mimi Plange or Anita Quansah, Mozambique and beautiful dresses from Taibo Bacar or Tanzania and its Swahili Fashion Week. The list is not exhaustive. More than the impact on the economic results of their countries, the fashion industry sends an image, a message.