Fashion In Africa

Even women who wear jeans every day will agree that having a few dresses in their closets is an absolute necessity. However, this timeless garment exists in so many different styles and shapes that it is not always easy to choose the best, and the risk is to buy an outfit that does not bring out the best of your features.


Current fashion is not just for twenty-year-old girls. Oh no! All women (40 or more) have the right to dress as they see fit, and there are hundreds of trendy pieces in cloth or loincloth in shops that will enhance any woman, no matter how old . A quick look below.

Combination of Fabric Types

Today, the combination of fabric types has grown in the field of clothing. The combi has become a must-have. Whether in loincloth, jeans or cut in a light fabric, if it is well worn, it does not age young women who wear it, but rejuvenate women a little older, giving them style, elegance and femininity.

The dress with belt

The dresses worn with a belt hide small defects and mark size, which can visibly rejuvenate. Carved in loincloth, in an ordinary fabric or flower, in jeans, the dress with the small belt would be delightful !!!