Women $ Clothing; Why The Fuss?

For me, fashion is this fabulous momentum of creation that can transcribe emotions, ideas, desires, in a garment, inventing or reinventing the garment. Fashion is a festival of colors, materials, shapes, which in the end arrange a harmony, a style that highlights the silhouette and personality.

Fashion is not only the cut that is “trendy” this year and will not be next year. Basically, I think that in fact we like clothes because we are all still a little princess and little girl: we all played dolls, but with ourselves: we assemble, we look, we undress, we put on we start again!

For my part what I like in fashion is mainly the perpetual renewal, I like when things move, I like change, I like to put things in question, suddenly discovering new looks, experimenting with new mixes of colors / materials amuses me and interests me a lot.

Paradoxically, I also like the fact that we take elements of the past to remix them differently: inspiration from other modernized times. Reviving a bygone era through a look

I also like the treasure hunt of shopping, running the shops to find the trending piece that suits me and at a reasonable price

And you why do you like fashion?