Street Fashion Trends – The Raw Straight Cut Jeans

The straight cut jean is a basic everyday wear. Worn with high heels in the evening, or with ballerinas or moccasins during the day, it is a must!

I advise you to choose raw, because this shade of jeans is easier to match than others. It goes with darker or lighter colors and even pastel, unlike black, which if you mix with black at the top, can give you the result of a sad outfit.

The straight cut, meanwhile, has the gift of enhancing all silhouette types. Read articles on how to choose your jeans for more information on different cuts of jeans.

For an evening outfit, wear your jeans encircled with an ornamented belt. Add your long-sleeved tunic cream color and your coral shoes, do not forget to accessorize with rushes and a beautiful bib or a big ring.

For a casual chic outfit, wear your jeans with comfortable loafers, and put on a short cardigan over a simple cotton t-shirt. Pay attention to the color combinations at the top, wear a V-neck t-shirt and a cardigan in the same color tones.