Best African Fashion

Like every summer in recent years, “African” prints have invaded collections in all stores. The fashion industry seems to be turning more and more towards the continent. Large groups are moving away from Asia to the benefit from the African textile industry. Fashion is ethical, fair trade. From Morocco to South Africa, via Senegal, African luxury designers are gaining visibility and more and more Fashion Week is organized on the continent. Some countries stand out particularly and the impact of the fashion industry on their economy is notorious.

In 2014, Nigeria officially became the continent’s leading economic power. At the same time, Nigerian culture was invading the world. We already knew Nollywood, we discovered a great wave of talented Afrobeat singers, we saw Michelle Obama wear Duro Olowu, Nigerian designer.

Kuddus Kolawole, the coordinator of the Nigerian Fashion Designers’ Association for Lagos State announced in August 2014 that the fashion industry in Nigeria was worth $10 billion. The country is benefiting from its large population and the improved standard of living of the middle class. A large part of the buyers are Nigerian.