New Street Fashion

Street fashion is one fascinating subject to me. I love the casual, laid-back girl in the neighborhood look.

Actually, I do not know why I like clothes and shoes, because my environment is not especially fashion fan. I have never been in such an environment since I was little. I was rather encouraged to read and work well at school rather than choosing my clothes.

I just think I like to feel good in my clothes. I like to feel “beautiful”, I like to feel good when I go out, not for others, but for me. I like to have new things, to sort them, to look at what it’s like, to ask if I like, if I really like or if I just like it because Glamour says it’s the new trend…

New trend is a way of expressing oneself with one’s body, yet I do not have a particular style, I am neither punk nor Gothic. I do not have a style that one notices in the street, but my clothes define me too. I love that my clothes show what I am.