New Womens Fashion

A recurrent question for all women’s fashion lovers is this; do we really dress for taste?

With our true tastes, do we wear this skirt because we love it or because the group, the environment we live in, has taught us to love it ?

It is the endless debate of the innate and the acquired and it applies to many other things than womens fashion. I just remember my sociology teacher in high school who told us to visit the girls’ high schools and see their manner of dressing.

Clothes are a very powerful means of integration. In college we all had Eastpak and sneakers, what about the one who was not like everyone else? Today the dictatorship of Nikes and Bensimon reign over high schools, it’s a way to integrate the group, and God alone knows if we need that in high school, to be part of something, to be like everybody.

In short, you have understood me on the subject and this is not the time to get on with “sociology of fashion”, especially sociology of the counter as I just did.