Princess Inspired Unique Wedding Hairstyles

“Hair that is detached is too simple”, “I look older with a bun”, “I do not like the results after using lacquer”, “this braid style is too common and overused”…

Choosing your Wedding hairstyle is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account your marriage style but also that of the wedding dress, to achieve a beautiful overall harmony. Then, and most importantly, you have to feel perfectly at ease! Check out great selections of more than 100 2018 wedding hairstyles for inspiration.

Hairstyles Worthy of Kate Middleton

If it’s twisted with a tiara or gem then it’s certainly worthy of a duchess. Trends are following their course, and we cannot evoke the main lines of 2018 without talking about bridal hairstyles with braids, which we never tire of. We also find hair hairstyles with detached hair a simple alternative in appearance, but which can be very sophisticated if you add the right accessories, such as a wreath or a headband, for example.

The major hits will also be wedding hairstyles with a bun, a very elegant must-have, just like the creation dotted with flowers. All hairstyles can be reworked perfectly for a mid-length hair hairstyle with your hairdresser!