Easy Long Hairstyles With Gradient

Hair, whether smooth or curly, short or long, thin or thick, with or without bangs can easily adapt to the gradient. Everyone is seduced by its wonderful simplicity of maintenance. That’s what stars like Nicole Scherzinger like. Find out how celebrities wear the gradient haircut and take advantage of our hairstyling tips to make yours pop.

The gradient is the ideal cut to brighten and structure a hairstyle. Tapered hair with lightness, notched with clear transitions, cut short pixie version, mid-length between the ear and the chin, with or without bangs: the choices seem unlimited, and that’s not all!

Gradient and volume

Everything begins with washing; a shampoo and a conditioner specially designed to boost the volume of hair and give new roots. There are also volumizing foams to apply to washed and dewatered hair.

Do you have smooth hair?

Use the hair dryer with its diffuser tip. Place the round brush under the wick to dry, then stretch it from the roots to the ends. If you have medium or long hair, you can also place the brush on the tips at the end of the brushing to make them bounce outwards.