Caring For African Hairstyles Like Dreadlocks

Now that you have fashioned your awesome dreadlocks, learn how to do the right things to stay beautiful for a long time. Washing, tips, roots: Let me share some good tips…

I do not fiddle too much with my dreads at the beginning

Of course, it is tempting to knead your dreads, especially when they are brand new. Refine yourself! Better not to manipulate your locks the first months: they are still being formed.

I wash my hair regularly

Contrary to popular belief, dreads require regular washing, 1 to 2 times a week. Why? For hair hygiene, of course, but also because dirty hair becomes greasy and greasy hair slips: it gets tangled less than clean hair.

I use a mild shampoo, or natural soap

If you opt for shampoo, turn to organic products: they often do not contain parabens or detanglers. Take the range of shampoo that suits your hair nature, whether dry, greasy, damaged, etc.

Natural soaps, like those of Aleppo or Marseille, have a drying power that allows them to stay well entangled. But it’s all about dosage: if your hair is too dry, it becomes brittle, which is not good for your dreadlocks.