Unreleased Footage of Bruce Lee – AMAZING!

I think that there’s no doubt that practically anybody who’s been a few years around knows that Bruce Lee is a one-of-a-kind legend, icon and extremely charismatic person that influenced and changed the whole world of martial arts. It was thanks to him that there’s so many people dedicated to study different fighting styles. I’d say that practically all of your new favorite TV stars that play in the action movies as fighters, as well as UFC competitors or martial arts enthusiasts in general would admit that the reason why they got so crazy about their training is the influence of Bruce Lee. There’s actually even a term for that – “Bruce Lee Effect”.

An Interesting Story

In 1964, hew was challenged to a duel by Wong Jack Man, a disciple of a very traditional branch of Chinese martial arts. At stake was everything as he promised to close his fighting school when losing this battle. Even though Bruce won within 3 minutes, he was so strict with himself that he considered it too long and later radically changed his teaching and training methods.

I know that you’ve probably seen a lot of shots where you could admire his talent and skills, but this one is different – I promise. In the following video you’ll see him doing tricks you wouldn’t normally expect. When I saw it I just thought to myself that the video just proved it requires more than just some specific skills to get on the level he was – it’s actually the whole mindset and life attitude that allowed him to become a legend.

You Can See And Judge For Yourself