This Runner Had a Painful Fall – What She Did Next Will Shock You!

I remember when I first saw this video. It was about 3 years ago and one of my friends showed me that on her mobile telling me that I need to watch this. I was so amazed at what this young lady was actually able to achieve. In such a short distance of 600 m which is actually almost a sprint, any minor lose of focus or mistake could normally cost you the win.

However, looks like nobody told this lady about it as she nosed right to the ground, while others practically stepped over her (I think she got stepped on the head too a bit). She was able to simply stand up and not get discouraged at all by seeing that in the meantime, her competitors got ahead of her some good 20 m.

That’s just incredible what a sudden rush of adrenaline can do with your performance. I think it was a combination of the adrenaline boost and a great motivation that finally got her to overcome any obstacles and win the whole race in the end.

How would you react if it happened to you?