Extreme Waterslide Despite Being Dangerous Makes You Wanna Repeat Infinitely

This is the world’s longest waterslide and you can find in in the beautiful nature of New Zealand more precisely at the Jonkers farm (Bethells Beach, Auckland). When I first found out about this thing I couldn’t really imagine how it could be physically possible to build a waterslide attraction of more than 2000 feet in length. Then I saw more pictures and I understood that it’s basically a temporary and simple construction that the company builds every year summer. If you are interested in how much could such fun cost you, – usually you pay $129 for the whole day so it means that everybody can enjoy many rounds of this experience. Well, the only obstacle is huge waiting line down the slope.

But I can tell you that it’s really worth every minute of the waiting. Just think about it, how many times do you have an opportunity to slide the longest water-slide in the world? Plus I almost forgot to mention, the slide is not only long in distance (so that you can enjoy the ride longer and more intensively), but also the vertical drop is very interesting to say the least. It’s actually more than 330 feet which as you can imagine will make you rush through it like a rocket. At the end you land into a splash pool of around 23 feet in length so no worries.

Fun In Action