Zoey Continues! :-)

Not too long ago we shared a video where this cuuuute little monkey called Zoey epxressed her precious, hilarious and so interesting reaction when she saw her good friend after a week. It’s truly one of those moments that everybody enjoys watching as it’s sometimes not so well-known how animals can actually feel love for us humans.

But back to Zoey. I think that video is also a great way to make people more aware and treat animals with more respect. We’re all living beings and just because they cannot speak our language, it doesn’t mean that they cannot feel similar feelings as we do. In this second video we can see Zoey in a quite different situation 🙂 We already know who’s her best friend but what’s her favorite food? Well, it looks like ice cream is really on the top of her list. I think it’ll be a little tricky to explain to her that ice creams are not really the healthiest food on earth. Well, she probably wouldn’t care even if she knew as most of us 🙂