Uno Card / Board Game Rules

Uno is one of those games where I was actually thinking which category I should assign it to. Is it a Card game? Is it a Board Game? I’d actually say that it should be in the category of Card Games, as there’s no actual board that you use with the cards as it is in other games. Here you have just cards – hence card game, duh? Anyway, on this website I put it in the category of Board Games, because first – we haven’t reviewed any Card Games yet, and second – I know that there’s a lot of people calling it a board game – it’s like 60% of them in my humble guess. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is that since it was first released in 1971 it never stopped on gaining popularity.

Now you can find it even on PC, smart-phones or Xbox machines. In the game you pretty much need to think ahead in a sense that you need to try to keep your best cards on your hands as long as possible so that you can use them later to save you from trouble. You can play this game with up to 9 friends and usually the maximum duration of a single game is something around 1 hour.

Where To Buy

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Uno Card Game Rules