Dominion Card / Board Game Rules

The game was released in 2008 and practically right after a short while on the market, it started to collect prestigious awards in the game industry. If you like to play games in a bigger group of friends, unfortunately this one is not the right for you as the maximum number of players is 4. Although I heard that there is an extended version (Intrigue expansion), which would allow additional 2 friends of yours to join the fun. By playing this game you immerse yourself in a medieval age of knights and kingdoms. I’ve been always a huge fan of this era and had a lot of LEGO toys with this theme. I still remember what a great fun it was to build the LEGO castles and then put the individual knights on their positions and do the battles. I loved all the details in the armour and weaponry that the designer of these toys had in mind, it was truly unique. Well, I think I’m going to dust them off and win some battle now:-)

Where To Buy

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