TOP 3 Wedding Hairstyles

The reason why you landed on this page is probably because you are thinking about what hairstyle you would wear on your very special day – wedding. Actually maybe you’ve been just asked by one of your relatives or friends for an advice for her wedding. In both cases I’m happy that you’re here and what I’m going to describe in this post are actually 3 of my top favorite wedding hairstyles that I’ve seen so far. I need to say that I’m no expert in this area and this is just a result of me search for different looks and see what best fits to my tastes and feelings about this important day. I think it should be very crazy but at the same time still represent your personality as much as possible. I think the hairstyle for this occasion should be about 60% elegant and in the rest 40% you should create something that would be so explosive that your relatives and friends would see you in such a hairstyle for the first time. The surprise effect is always a strong and the most memorable moment so don’t underestimate it in your decisions.