TOP Long Hairstyles: Tapered vs Degraded

The degraded cut gives volume to the hair

If you want to get volume and movement, the gradient is a perfect technique for your haircut. The gradient consists of cutting strands of hair shorter than the others, to create volume in the hair. A degraded cut is just as possible on short hair (like Victoria Beckham) as on long hair (Gisèle Bündchen has a degraded cut).

The side technique ?

Hairdressers take more or less thick locks and cut them straight, most often using conventional scissors. This technique provides a “staircase” effect that adds movement to the haircut.

Tapered hair: a finishing technique

If you want to give pop to your hairstyle and lighten some locks of hair, your haircut may need to be tapered. This technique is often associated with a short haircut (like Laëtitia Halliday or Rihana). But nothing keeps you from having long hair (like the famous Rachel cut by Jennifer Aniston in’Friends’).

When shearing your hair, the barber usually uses special scissors, notched, or even a razor. This more aggressive technique is not ideal for damaged hair since it does not take into account their fragility.