Hairstyles Ideas For A Tapered or Degraded Look

Even if having long hair requires a lot of maintenance, displaying a mane worthy of Rapunzel is still great. Especially because you can wear beautiful haircuts and hairstyles. So if you lack inspiration, there are a lot of haircuts for long hair to make a sensation!


Tapered hair, degraded cut, square to the T; it is not always easy to choose the right hairstyle. And answering the question “what style do you want?” may even turn into a dilemma for a woman, because not everyone puts the same hairstyle in these terms.

Do you want to change the hairstyle by making a gradient on your long hair or medium-length hair, or refresh an existing gradient, without going through the barber box? Good news, there are simple and effective ways to degrade your hair yourself.


The tapered cut makes it possible to refine the locks of hair and create movement in the hairstyle. Be careful, when you have naturally fine hair, you should avoid the tapered cut that will further thin the hair. Moreover, it can really be difficult to comb and put in place.