TOP Makeup Accessories for The Professional

Brushes are not the only essential tools: makeup sponges also simplify the laying of the liquid foundation or melting the various shades between them. A professional kit includes a complete assortment. Side look, the famous eyelash curler is another must, which comes with brushes and miniature combs especially adapted to eyelashes and eyebrows. What for? Prepare and remove excess mascara or eyebrow powder.

The Basics of Professional Makeup

Prepare a canvas or a good makeup base… the logic is the same! For this purpose, a professional makeup artist provides a specific preparation: the primers, or bases, in other words the preparatory makeup layer. What’s their role? Correct imperfections, moisturize and smooth your skin.

Prepare the skin to receive the makeup, all in all, for an extended hold and a radiant nude complexion. Concealer, correctors, illuminators and mattifying bases are therefore essential; they allow you to erase spots, dark circles or pimples. Logic and complementary suite, BB creams and CC creams are the new foundations: these miracle creams correct the color of your complexion, completely remove imperfections and provide a velvety finish.