Most Useful Makeup Tools For the Professional

What’s in the kit of a professional makeup artist? The secret of a perfect make-up: essential accessories, adapted tools and essential care.

What is the difference between your makeup bag and that of a professional? The preparation kit and good accessories. A true makeup artist, a makeup artist or a professional make-up artist prepares the canvas, before painting it with the right tools and the right paints!

Professional Makeup Artist, Good Brushes

An artist is nothing without their accessories, and the professional makeup artist is no exception. His/her kit contains all the essential tools, the most known – and useful ones being the brushes. Large round brushes, or ball brushes, are used with compact foundations or loose powders.

The flat and wide brushes, meanwhile, are used to apply a blush. Not to mention the cat’s tongue brushes, short, flat and rounded tip: essential to a successful make up, they set the eyeshadow and melt on the skin. The finest brushes, for their part, are used for the contour of the lips or the application of eyeliner. Makeup accessories are most useful when the user knows what to use each one for.