How To Prep For an Original Wedding Makeup

It’s not just your wedding dress that will dazzle your guests during your wedding, your beauty too: wedding makeup is essential! Do not hesitate to change make-up, try it out beforehand but do not forget that wedding makeup is neither the everyday look nor the one of a New Year’s Eve. Natural and refined will be your watchwords!

Start Early

Buy your kit a few weeks before and test to avoid the risk of reaction to a new product! Think about beauty and not only make-up. As such, I’d advice you get yourself enough to prepare your skin 3 months before (scrub, moisturizing vitamin cream, hand cream, nail oils, slimming cream, depilatory cream in addition to foundations, blush, mascara, red to lips).

Luminescence the Day Before

Like the pros, do a gentle scrub followed by a whiplash care (revitalizing mask, light bulb, tensor fluid).

Wedding Makeup on D-day

In the morning, apply a moisturizing fluid cream but do not wear makeup. Make your manicure with a clear or slightly pink varnish. Avoid bright colors. A few hours before the ceremony, apply a makeup base (gel or other, which you will find in beauty centers).

Then start the wedding makeup!!!