Gorgeous Eye Makeup Like a Pro!

The application of eye shadow must follow certain rules so that you can achieve the perfect result. Begin, first, by applying a light foundation on your eyelids. It refines the look of the skin and provides a unified base before the application of eye shadow. There are also specific products that allow a better hold of the makeup.

Then apply, on the entire eyelid, a very light makeup, going up below the brow bone. This not very visible eye shadow aims to catch the light while being discreet. You can then apply a dark blush on the moving part of the eyelid. For the latter, it is advisable to start in the inner hollow of the eye and then stretch it to the outer part.

Finally, women with brown eyes have the chance to vary the pleasures of makeup more easily. Indeed, the shade of their iris goes well with many ranges. The beige, copper and brown shades are going to be delightful. For more originality, you can also choose golden, pink or slightly orange colors. Opt for black to emphasize your look in eyeliner and mascara.