Best Braided Hairstyles

As I was already mentioning in one of my other posts in the hairstyles category, the African culture has been on the rise so many years now. This time I’d like to focus on probably the most demanded hairstyle in the last few years when it comes to black women hairstyle. I’m talking about the famous braids or braided hairstyle that I’m sure you have seen a lot of times already. I noticed that it’s an especially popular trend to get it done on summer vacations at the beach. Here people feel so free and happy that they are open to new adventures and crazy actions more than any other time of the year. It’s truly the perfect time to try out how this cool hairstyle’s gonna look and feel on your head. Although braids have been worn by people for centuries from all over the world, the most famous origin is probably from Himba people living in Namibia. The other very famous braids are dutch braids. For this article I’ve picked up the best 3 braided hairstyles that I’ve seen so far.