TOP 3 Long HairStyle

When it comes to women hairstyles, in my opinion they should mostly be long and with volume. I truly think that if we are to pick the best and most attractive style that would present women in the best way, short hairstyles shouldn’t be the ones to look at. I mean surely there are people who like them and are actually very popular and looking great on some women, it just can get better in my opinion. Women mostly feel the same and know what I’m talking about, that’s why the natural instinct they have is to cherish it and keep it growing as much as possible.

I cannot even say how many times I’ve heard a friend or relative say how disappointed they are after coming from the hairdresser. The reason was mostly the same: “I told her to cut only 2 cm and she cut 5!” Women naturally know how important and attractive is to have quality long hair. That’s why you have a whole always rising business with hair extensions, etc. I remember what one friend from Eritrea once told me about how he looks at women. He said that the first thing he looks at is her long hair. In the picture you can see TOPĀ 3 hairstyles I picked for long hair that I think are truly amazing.