Scrabble Board Game Rules

Scrabble is a wonderful game especially for development and improvement of your vocabulary. When I think about it right now, I cannot remember any better game that would train this specific part of your cognitive skills. When it comes to its fan base – there’s basically just two types of people. You either want to play it whenever your friends ask you to, or you try to avoid it as much as possible. Well that’s just my opinion and maybe there’s more types of people and reactions, but in general I think this applies most of the time. The reason why I think that is that there are people who are more intellectually based and on the other hand there are people who prefer other ways of thinking and activities rather than playing with vocabulary. In general, people who like to read a lot of texts are better at this game. Me personally, I like the game a lot despite of the fact that for some reason I haven’t really had a chance to play this game a lot. However, I can say that every time I played, I won 🙂 That’s 100% success and I don’t think a lot of people can say that haha. Anyway I played it just about 4 times but it still counts.

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Scrabble Rules