Ticket To Ride Board Game Rules

If you like trains that you’re going to love this game for sure. This game won numerous awards and I read that it’s been sold more than 3 million times so far. No wander it gained popularity so quickly as I know that there’s a lot of train enthusiasts (most of them maybe geeky) who welcome any game on their favorite subject. It first appeared on the market around the year 2004 and practically that same year already started winning international awards.

For me personally, I like trains too as in my opinion it’s a very comfortable way of transporting. Certainly a lot better than buses. What’s more, it’s even a lot safer – actually despite of some known accidents that happen from time to time, it’s one of the world’s safest way of transport. What I especially appreciate about them is the ability to move around a bigger area than just your own seat. Everybody who traveled more than a few hours knows how important and necessary it is to stretch and stand up from time to time. The second reason why I love trains is the big windows that allow you to value the nature and cities around you a lot more than any other transport method. Finally, the third reason why I prefer traveling by trains is the ability to actually buy something to eat or drink at the bar or go to the toilet whenever you want. Now that we understand the beauty behind the trains we can appreciate this board game even more, don’t you think?

Where To Buy

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Ticket To Ride Rules