Robokill Trainer

In comparison to other games, this one is pretty extensive and actually you’ll need to play it for a while to be able to finish it. You go collecting money for which you can buy various stuff like health points, armor, different types of weapons. What I really like that you can actually have more than one at the same time.


  • The movement is done by the traditional gaming keys: A, S, D, W, and shooting by the Left mouse click.

Pretty straight forward, but I’ll give you one good advice. Later in the game you’ll need to cope with huge amounts of strong enemies so the best way to catch up on eliminating them is to just hold the shooting and move as much as you can. Also make sure to be careful on those bridges as you actually can fall over if you get too close to the edge.

You can always go back to the shop after you earn some more money and buy some stuff you’ll find out to be most useful for your current moment at the game.