Final Ninja

I used to play this game a lot. The gaming experience is great and even though it’s a simple game, it has a lot of nice graphic.


  • You are basically moving from one place to another mostly by your special Ninja grappling hook, which you just cast by clicking the Left mouse click and hold. While you’re holding it you can move to the sides or up with your arrow keys.
  • If you just click once with the Left mouse key, you’ll cast the star-like weapon and eliminate your enemies.
  • A cool thing happens if you click and hold the Down key – it makes you invisible, which you can imagine can be pretty useful especially with a lot of enemies haha

Make sure to collect as much money and things as you can, I’m sure it’s useful for something, although I’m not really sure for what as I never really focused on this part of the game. I simply just enjoyed the jumping and flying here and there. It’s really relaxing and and fun. It also kind of trains your abstract thinking as sometimes you need to figure out how to use those little jumps and intermittent grapplings to get to certain places.

The game has more levels, which pass by getting to and taking a small hovering dark blue rectangle thing.

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