Matrix Rampage

Loved Matrix movies? Then you’ll love this game too!

Nice old-style shooting 2d game. As simple as it might look, it’s actually pretty fun to play and doesn’t get old even after weeks of doing basically the same – removing enemies out of your way:) One of the things that adds to a great gaming experience is the pure fact that you can actually pick up literally anything on the ground – any weapon, even the furniture like stools, tables, flower pot, etc. Also make sure you don’t jump too much from one floor to the other, as every time you do that (or they), the floor destabilizes till it eventually breaks completely.


  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Key A to attactk
  • Key S to pick up weapons and health – first aid boxes

As you eliminate more and more of those bad guys in suits, you’ll go rising in the levels and of course, also the difficulty gets higher and higher. They start to pull out at you more dangerous weapons all the time. The good news though is the fact that you can have those new weapons and use them against them as well. However, first you need to eliminate the owner obviously, which shouldn’t be difficult. So yeah, all in all a nice simple game for some quick fun.

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