Ownage Burst

You’ll love this game, just give it a try. It’s a very nice and simple shooting game where you’ll be able to test your mouse skills and aiming abilities. There will be enemies showing up in the windows, on the road, etc. At one point it’s gonna get really difficult to take care of all of them as there will be so many of the. But, don’t worry, you have some HE grenades in your pockets which will take care of many of them at once 🙂


  • Shooting by left click of the mouse as usually
  • Cast grenades by the space key

Trick jump #1: Hold the Left or Right key then press the Down key and then the Up key, while still holding the Left or Right key – this jump is great for jumping to the side and staying the the ground on your side as long as you keep holding the side key you started with.

Trick jump #2: The same as #1 but this time at the end you’ll press the Down key again – your hero will make a nice roll on the ground like from the action movies.

It’s a really fun game as except your enemies, you can destroy the windows cars, etc haha.