Puerto Rico Board Game Rules

Puerto Riicoo, ok but that’s seriously a country I really wanna visit but soon. I think we’ve all seen so many beautiful pictures from there that they just call you come in. Not only that, the whole vibe around Puerto Rico is kind of attractive to most people where a big role plays the TV and music (especially Hip-Hop). Ok now let’s not get distracted anymore and get to the point of this article. It comes from Germany (wow, so many board games are from Germany – that’s one thing I started to notice after reviewing all these games) and was first released to the public in 2002. By playing this game you can get a feel of how it was like in the times when this island was colonized. Everything was new for the people who left everything and decided to come and spend their lives in this beautiful corner of the earth. As you might have guessed, it’s about building and trading so your focus will be to be a good investor and develop your area as much and as quickly as possible.

Where To Buy

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Game In Action – Rules