Personalized Modern Home Designs With Photos

Decorating your home is not just an aesthetic affair. The goal is not only to embellish your interior, but also to leave our personal imprint in our place of life, to transform it into a family cocoon, a nest of love. Decorating with photos is a great way to highlight your unique and unforgettable moments.

I have an increasing  desire to invest in a very personalized touch at home, to decorate with photos. Find a place just to expose our beautiful moments, memories of our most beautiful trips, all the wonderful moments.


At the same time, I admit that I had a hard time seeing the photos on display in an atmosphere. It is not easy to turn photos into works of art for display. But when I take a closer look, I find some inspiration and I share it with you.

There are many ways to surround ourselves with the images we like, even the photo essays we’ve done (and that we’re proud to exhibit)! The most important is to find a compromise between the image to display and the aesthetic side to highlight.